Don on May 31st, 2004

We’re getting lazy. Today, we let the race come to us. The fairgrounds here in Ferndale is a holding point for the racers before they parade into town. There was an earlier Memorial Day parade down town, then the Kinetic parade and street fair. Such a small town and so much to do! Anyway, by […]

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Don on May 30th, 2004

The second day of the race starts in downtown Eureka. All the sculptures launch into the bay and parade in the water in front of the boardwalk. There was a wonderful band playing. There instruments looked like they came from the dump, but sounded great. Some of the sculptures worked well in the water, others […]

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Don on May 29th, 2004

The Kinetic Race starts in Arcata at the downtown square. We watched the start and looked over as many of the entrants as we could. There was quite a crowd so getting near some of them wasn’t easy. After the start, they all go around the square three times before heading out toward the beach. […]

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Don on May 28th, 2004

We did some final packing to depart. I powered up the Motosat and it acquired the satellite in just a couple of minutes. I didn’t have time to do more before we departed.We dashed North to Ferndale just after the morning rush. We had heavy traffic until we were North of Healdsberg. It was then […]

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Don on May 27th, 2004

I am in Visalia today at the Wooden Shoe RV park. I came to get our Motosat antenna installed by Impact Wireless. A crew of four arrived about 11am and hefted the antenna to the roof. Michael Lewis spent quite a while getting the antenna installed just right. After a little commissioning and calibration the […]

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Don on May 15th, 2004

We’re the sort that don’t like to make reservations and don’t really know where we will go, or at least not how we will go, until the last moment. We have a group of interests that help guide us in our decisions. Likes and dislikes. We like waterfalls, caves, forests, ponds, bogs etc. We like […]

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Don on May 12th, 2004

Don was planning on retiring in late October. Things change and now, due to early retirement incentives, he’ll retire the end of June. Shortly thereafter we’ll take an extended trip returning in September. In a couple of weeks we’ll get our Motosat antenna installed. Hopefully by departure a new larger battery array will be installed. […]

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