Don on September 29th, 2004

09/29, Wednesday: Arrived in Reno at the Reno Hilton KOA.09/30, Thursday: Looking around Reno. Found a very good Sportsman’s Warehouse store. Always interesting to look around these stores. There aren’t any good sporting goods stores in California?Left town about 2pm. Drove up US Hwy 395 to California Hwy 70 to Oreville. This is a pretty […]

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Don on September 28th, 2004

Stayed by the Walker River on Hwy 395 between the towns of Bridgeport and Walker last night.

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Don on September 28th, 2004

I visited Yosemite’s Tuolumne Meadows.Going up into Yosemite on the Toga Grade it looked like it was ready to snow.Typical rock found in Yosemite.The meadows are kind of dry this late in the year. Darn Tarns! There are big tarns, and little tarns. The puddle on the right is about 10′ x 4′ by 6″ […]

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Don on September 28th, 2004

Visited the Laws Museum Northeast of Bishop. This is a nice museum of old stuff that you can get close enough to see. I arrived 30 minutes before opening but was invited in anyway. Spent some time talking to one of their volunteers who was working on a motorcoach trolley that will be running on […]

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Don on September 27th, 2004

The colors of fall have appeared on the trees above Bishop, California. Bishop Creek Road is dressed in many different colors going up to South Lake. The color change wasn’t as visible on Big Pine Creek Road just 15 miles South. See All The Pictures:Bishop Creek

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Don on September 26th, 2004

I moved North to Big Pine to the Glacier View Campground. Nice place just north of town at the intersection of Hyw 395 and Hwy 168. The Bristle Cone Pine Forests are 24 Miles Northeast off Hwy 168. There are also some nice areas to see West of town in the mountains.The road to Bristle […]

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Don on September 25th, 2004

Drove North 15 miles to Independence. Then drove west 15 miles to Onion Valley Trail head. Hiked the Kearsarge Pass Trail to the trail crest to look into the Kings Canyon National Park Wilderness. Looks good!Sorry for the quality of the map. I hiked from “You Are Here’ to the middle of the map about […]

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Don on September 23rd, 2004

Today I hiked up part of the Mt Whitney Trail. The trail starts out with a long climb and doesn’t quit. Your in a forested canyon above the desert. Lone Pine lake is the first point of interest other than the great view on the trail up. Lots of fish popping up for a bite […]

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Don on September 22nd, 2004

These are very interesting hills. You may have seen them before if you’ve watched old western movies. The were even used for other movies like Gunga Din. I keep waiting for the bandits to pop out from behind one of these rocks.See All The Pictures:Alabama Hills

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Don on September 22nd, 2004

Arrived 8am at Tuttle Creek, a BLM campground. Camping is free, I like that, though they request a donation. This is 1.5 miles off Whitney Portal Road and 8 miles West of Lone Pine. Elevation at the camp is 5017 feet. Mt Whitney, which is just above the camp is 14,494 feet. This is high […]

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