Don on December 30th, 2004

Thursday, Visiting with Don’s Uncle Emery and Aunt Mary in Landers, Ca. We arrived late in the afternoon after taking Hwy 79 North through Julian and Hemet.Julian is very interesting and we couldn’t leave town without one of their famous apple pies. The weather was nice all the way. There has been a lot of […]

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Don on December 29th, 2004

The wind really blew hard last night along with a lot of rain. We acted like we’re on vacation today. Arose late, a nice soak in the Hot tub, breakfast, and duck feeding. We finally hit the road about noon. We stopped at Viejas Casino and Outlet Mall. Dawn wanted to stop at Border’s Book […]

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Don on December 28th, 2004

We had a lot of rain last night. With the sand that was blown into the camp site yesterday, the water made it more messy.Today, we took in five museums. We started with the San Diego History Museum. There wasn’t much there so it didn’t take long. Half the museum is being redone. We then […]

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Don on December 27th, 2004

Started today with a look at a nice cactus garden near the Fleet Science Museum. There were some great large cactus and desert trees there. We played around the Fleet Science Museum (which is much like the Exploratorium in San Francisco). Watched an Imax movie on under sea volcanoes. We went to the Auto Museum. […]

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Don on December 26th, 2004

We went through the Japanese Garden. This isn’t a very elaborate garden, but it was worth the visit anyway. The Botanical Arboretum was nice. Some very pretty flowers on some different plants.We went through the Natural History Museum. The two biggest displays were a display about the 2003 fires around San Diego and a dinosaur […]

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Don on December 25th, 2004

Up late, went to the pool and hot tub. This is the warmest day yet, probably in the 80′s. Goofed around at home today. A campfire and BarBQ ribs at home tonight.I need to apologize for the view of the webcam. We’re the third site in from the beach and I still haven’t made a […]

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Don on December 24th, 2004

Today we visited the Museum Of Man at Balboa Park. We arrived at 10am opening and left at the 3pm closing and were worn out. Interesting museum of primitive weapons, Eskimo and Indian life, ancient Mayan hieroglyphs, and a display of the evolution on man. A beautiful building houses the Museum On Man.There are some […]

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Don on December 23rd, 2004

We visited the San Diego Zoo today.Mom and year old baby panda.Papa panda.A hungry koala.There’s a lot of zoo!. We didn’t see or do everything, We’ll have to return some other day to see the rest.

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Don on December 22nd, 2004

There are bunch of museums here in Balboa Park. We plan to see most of them. We visited the Mingei International Museum and the San Diego Aerospace Museum. The Mingei International Museum contained many interesting toys and crafts from various sources. These included dolls, masks, origami, and fabrics. Quite interesting. The San Diego Aerospace Museum […]

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Don on December 21st, 2004

We planned on meeting Ernie this morning after he had unloaded but his truck was loaded wrong so he was delayed until afternoon. We then went shopping and had dinner and then returned to the RV park for the evening. Ernie got a new digital camera which he’s anxious to try.An observation. San Diego may […]

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