Sunday: I left the RV here in Bakersfield and ran Lou and Dawn back up to Palo Alto. Lou has to be to work. Too bad.
I returned Monday afternoon to Bakersfield.
Time for a little work here in Bakersfield. Our house here needs some fence work so here I am, along with the rain. This may be slow work?
Tuesday: Looked over what needed to be done. Went shopping, usually a fun job but for some reason Lowe’s didn’t seem to have what I wanted, Home Depot no better. I wish there were some “real” hardware stores!! I returned and replaced some sticky door knobs, a closet door track where the door kept coming off the slide, and replaced the broken toilet tank cover.

Wednesday: Threatening rain. Replaced about 15 feet of front fence including the gate. It took until 2pm to get the old post out and the new gate post in. Whew!! But it was in and secure by 5pm.
Thursday: Replaced about 30 feet of the side fence. As usual, it’s the removal that takes the longest. I needed to finish this so the neighbors dog could get back into his yard. Made it! Or so I thought, I was getting ready to clean up and was watching the news. The weather report says heavy rain and wind gusts through Sunday. I needed to pour some concrete to cap around the new gate post. If it’s going to rain, I wouldn’t be able to do that so I went out in the dark and poured the cap. Not perfect but better than if it rained on it. Long day.
Friday: Finished up the details on the front gate and side fence. Cleaned up the debris and fixed some lites (lamps out) in the house. Can’t work on the remaining items due to the tenants sabbath day but I need a rest anyway. So this is retirement?
The tenants have four kids and all wanted to help me out. Only the oldest boy is a help, the younger siblings tend to slow things down but I think this was educational for them and me.
I plan on relaxing a little over the weekend and working on the computer.
I’ve spent the last three nights in front of the tenants house. I moved to Wal-Mart’s parking lot for the weekend. A big crowd is gathering now.
I’ve been visiting in the evenings with My Aunt Helen and Uncle Doug. Wednesday night, Doug went to the hospital for some tests on his heart and spent the night. Doug and Helen have a cold and gave it to me. Fortunately, it’s not too bad a cold.
Saturday: Looking around the booming town of Bakersfield. It was clear all day and the wind didn’t come up until late afternoon. There was heavy rain Saturday evening.

Sunday: I moved to Kern River Park near Ming Lake just outside Bakersfield. I needed someplace to dump and get water. Wal-Mart is a good place to stay but they don’t have services? Nice and quite here. Only two other campers came in.
Monday: The sign said the ranger would be by to collect his $15 dollars but nobody showed up before I left at 0730. Some final cleanup at the house. It was 3:30 when I finished so I decided to spend a final night here at Wal-Mart. I called an old high school friend. We chatted for a couple of hours catching up on people and events. We haven’t seen each other for about 30 years.

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