Where I’m parked here at the Rio, there is a lot of traffic passing through the lot in front of the RV heading toward the front of the casino. Half of the traffic seems to be limos. I started to wonder how many limos there are here? I also noted that I have never ridden in a limo. Until today, that is.

I returned to the RV after an outing and started to walk up to the casino. A limo stopped and offerd a lift, all the way to the front door. It’s only 500 feet to the casino and maybe 1000 to the front door, but I’ve now ridden in a Limo. It was a Harrah’s limo. The Rio is part of Harrah’s. I mentioned to the driver that I wondered how many limos were in Las Vegas. He said Harrah’s has 500 here. Seems like a lot but if true, there must be thousands here. Well, now my list of things to do and learn is shorter. I think the driver benefited too. He wanted to talk to me about the RV. He’d been passing it regularly and said he liked the looks of it.

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