Wednesday: I arrived here about 1030am. Setup at Sam’s Town RV park. It’s about 50-60 degrees outside with a steady breeze. Not too bad. Worked on the computer a while. Checked out Sam’s and then went to the Rio for lunch at the buffet. Caught the carnival show there. It’s much like the Circus Circus casino shows of the past, except more lake a Las Vegas show rather than a carnival show. I walked the strip. It looks much the same as last time, just a little colder.
Thursday: I looked around at new houses South of town. Prices are higher than I expected. They have some nice designs but they aren’t well built. I just hung out at Sam’s in the evening.

I caught the Water and Light show in their atrium. It’s a great show, much unexpected. Sam’s show is better than the water show at Bellagio in my opinion. You can stand within 10 feet of the water jets and they shoot 60-70 feet up in sync with the music and a laser show is projected on the rock wall. It starts as the fountain water flow is reduced and a wolf is howling in the distance and sounds like he’s getting closer. Then he appears with a loud howl on top of the rock cliff that the water falls over. The grizzly and the eagle nearby react to his arrival. A laser light show is projected against the rock cliff including various scenes of star formations, Indians cowboys etc. The water fountains respond in synchronization. This is followed by a patriotic add-on to the show that is done equally well. Scenes of Mt Rushmore, soldiers and flags, etc. The show lasts about 15 minutes. Sorry, many of the pictures didn’t turn out or aren’t very good or don’t adequately present the shows beauty. I have an ordinary digital camera which would need to be faster for the low light pictures. Trust me, it’s a good show!

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