Arrived Quartzsite La Posa West LTVA about 1:30 after stopping off in Blythe for some last minute supplies.

Found a nice site close in near the RV show but away from the crowd and off the main roads so little dust. Only one other camper in our cul de sac, a couple from South Dakota. The current webcam image is showing the RV show big top tent on the left of the image maybe 1/8th mile away.

Again, the Motosat system didn’t start up. It appears that the plug strip died. I bypassed it and it’s now working. I guess the surge suppressor couldn’t live with the inverter? I have something to get at the flea market now.
Walked over to a fellow Datastormer’s site, John Watson and his wife Jean. We chatted and then went to dinner nearby. My, it gets dark hear with an overcast sky and no moon. I’m glad I’m already here and not trying to find a campsite in the dark.
I’m told the population doubled here today and the RV show doesn’t start until Saturday.

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