The RV show started today. Lots of people. Population of La Posa West LTVA campground doubled again since yesterday. Breakfast again at Gene’s Smokehouse. Yesterday it took 15 minutes, today over an hour to get breakfast. The delay is mostly due to their trust of people. They ask your name and call it when your order is ready. Can you believe some people respond to any name. They get to finish their breakfast much faster by being so versatile but they really foul up the system for the honest customers waiting for an order that’s already gone.

Pretty much covered the RV vendor tents. Nothing I can’t live without. I did eliminate another item from my Things To Do list. I rode a Segway. Interesting but probably not a useful transportation device.
Still a lot of RV’s to look at but most are big, expensive coaches of little interest to me right now.
I took a bike ride North of town a few miles. There are actually some real houses in town, although they are the minority.
Checked out another solar vendor and found another that wasn’t open today.

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