One of the main reasons I came to Quartzsite was to get a deal on my solar system. As it turns out, Quartzsite isn’t the place to get a deal on solar. Their prices for panels are 25% higher than the normal low prices from reputable dealers on the Internet. They also didn’t have the Kyocera panels I wanted in stock. I ended up ordering from They were located in Lake Havasau, Az but moved recently to Cambria, Ca, a lot closer to home and, if not the lowest package price, darn near the lowest. I’ll be able to pickup the material when it’s ready and still save on shipping.
Due to pressure from management, I was intending to have the system installed here but even if they had the materials, the wait to install is at least two weeks. That’s a long visit in Quartzsite. Also, from what I’ve seen of some of the installations, I can do a much better job anyway.
I ordered two Kyocera KC120 and two Kyocera KC80 solar panels and a SolarBoost 2000E charge controller with the Maximum Power Point Tracking feature. This should provide 25 amps of charge on a sunny day.
I also ordered a Link 10 Choice Battery Monitor from WMJ Marine. They had the lowest price available on the Internet. The “Choice’ model, isn’t normally available from most dealers but it provides the ability to get data from the monitor to a computer for study and review. It also can be set to automatically start the generator when needed.
I’ll do an RV Experience Article when I’ve got the system installed.

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