Don on May 30th, 2005

Memorial Weekend in Yosemite. Yeah, a bit crowded!Necessary because it was to only chance to get a peak at the falls when the water was still flowing heavily. We stayed just outside the park in a RV park in El Portal on Highway 140. A view of Upper Yosemite Falls, left, and a Lower Yosemite […]

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Don on May 22nd, 2005

Mr Milo has a friend. For several years now, we’ve had some birds nesting in our backyard. They hang around most of the time as well. They take turns playing with Mr Milo. Actually, they’re protecting there nest but it seems to have evolved into mutual respect and I think they like each other.Note the […]

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Don on May 21st, 2005

Today, Don visited Kern County’s Pioneer Village Museum. It’s located in Bakersfield. It’s a wonderful village of original old buildings from all around the county now making up a village. Unfortunately, much of the stuff here is what I grew up around.In particular, the Fairhaven Pump House used to sit in the middle of the […]

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Don on May 20th, 2005

This visit to Bakersfield has been unusual. In particular, the weather. Hot one day, cool the next, on, off. hot, cool. Is it really the end of spring? This visit also showed a side of Bakersfield I haven’t seen for a while, a blue sky. It’s normally kind of gray and smoggy, not like it […]

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Don on May 16th, 2005

We finally arrived in Bakersfield Saturday morning. Uncle Emery and Aunt Mary were at Uncle Doug and Aunt Helen’s place. Nice visit.Helen, Mary, Lou, and DawnA big mystery. An Okra seed thief must have visited because when Uncle Doug was ready to plant his seeds, obtained at great expense, they were gone.Monday the tenants left […]

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Don on May 13th, 2005

Dawn and Lou went on a field trip with Dawn’s forensic anthropology class today, to the Santa Clara County Morgue. They got to observe several autopsies. To each their own. This afternoon we were on the road to Bakersfield. We stopped in King City at the Salinas Valley Fair. Kind of interesting, much better thsn […]

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Don on May 12th, 2005

The Toad came back from Midas with a new muffler and a bunch of new exhaust piping. It now sounds like a Volvo again rather than an old Ford. It has that Volvo ring to it again.Don cleaned out the shop area enough to do some work. Welded up a rack for the canoe but […]

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Don on May 9th, 2005

The Toad went in this morning to have the exhaust system looked at. It got a new header pipe, new connector pipe new muffler and a new tail pipe. It sounds good again. It turned out to be a tinkering day. I got some keys made, went through some items in the to be repaired […]

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Don on May 7th, 2005

Friday, I had to dash down to Camping World to get a missing shelf for the new refrigerator. Several other errands and some shopping and I made it to Dawn’s house in San Jose to do a little more work on the fence. I installed the lattice work on top of the fence. The neighbors […]

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Don on May 5th, 2005

Camping World installed a new refrigerator today. The old one stopped working suddenly after excellent service. A leak of refrigerant in the burner. It’s nice to have the extended warranty. They covered most of the cost. I think they won’t want to here from me again. We’ve almost recovered the cost of the warranty in […]

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