I added a couple of new articles to our RVexperience. Both these articles are related to yesterday’s experience, sort of. One is about our macerator pump that is used to drain the holding tanks using a small hose and when the drain point may be up to 20 feet higher than the RV.
The other article is about another bad black water experience we had due to making bad assumptions.
Macerator Use
What Drains Where?
I also made a couple of changes to donwood.org’s layout. I added two sub-blogs one titled “Don’s Random Thoughts” (yes I do occasionally think, though not as often as I should). I moved a previous post to it to start it out (I didn’t have a thought today.) The second sub-blog is “Our Itinerary” which will contain notes on our plans. Our itinerary isn’t guaranteed, just a list of what we might do.
I also renamed “RV Park Reviews” to “Campground Reviews“. It just seems more descriptive.

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