RV Link 10 Meter Shunt Meter Panel
Electrical Compartment
I finally installed the Link 10 Meter. I got it last winter shortly after being in Quartzsite. After I installed the solar panels which I got at the same time, I didn’t get around to installing the Link 10 battery monitor meter as I should have. It’s great. Now I can see what’s going on. Is the battery charging or discharging. How many ampere hours have I used etc. It can even be used to automatically start the generator but that, I didn’t do, yet.
It was quite a task installing the shunt (top left picture) that is used to measure the current. It needed to be installed in the battery ground cable and that is behind the big inverter and at the back of the compartment. After a few hours work at arms length, and a few choice @%$# words everything was ready.
The meter was installed in the pantry area (top right picture) where the other electrical controls and the existing inverter control panel are. It doesn’t look big, but it does a lot. The only adjustment that was needed was to set the battery capacity to match my system.
I dressed up the wiring with the tubing to make a neater appearance and to protect the wiring.
I also installed a new small inverter. I replaced the existing 400w inverter with a 700w inverter and installed a larger fuse to allow for more loading. Small is getting big. The small inverter powers up the Satellite system and the computers. It will also be used to power the bedroom TV. This inverter is always on and is used like a UPS system for the satellite system.

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