I tried out the new NetZero phone service. I’ve been using Vonage in the RV and at home but sometimes it doesn’t work too well in the RV due to the satellite uplink bandwidth. Has worked best at night, sometimes not too well during the day. NetZero has a satellite setting that seemed to work well for my test calls around noon today.
They have several account options from free (no incoming from real phones) to $14.95 per month (unlimited and includes a phone number so real phones can call). They allow for the first three months free and you can cancel anytime. I opted for the unlimited for 14.95 and got my phone number. Just like Vonage everything went well on setup and was working in a few minutes. Unlike Vonage, it’s using my laptop for the calls but a USB adaptor is available that will allow use of regular phones. If it continues to work well, I’ll order the adapter and set up the program in my NAP (Network Access Point) system. Here’s hoping!

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