One more day here in the LTVA, then I guess I’ll move East of town and maybe drop by the Escapee Boomers Birds Of A Feather group campsite. Then?
RV Bathroom LED Lite
Today I went by the hardware store to get some small wood screws to finish installing the new LED light fixture in the bathroom. I installed it in the bathroom for a night light. It’s made for boats as evidenced by the fact it has two operation modes, red or white lites. With the red lite on, I’ll be ready to be able to see at night if I run aground.
I browsed around the RV’s some more and dropped by the big top tent to get a couple of more LED flashlights.
I worked on the Map Project some more.. These maps use the Google Map Application Interface (API). It’s now functional for all trip routes and campsites.
Here is the link.
There is more work needed but it’s usable now.

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