Another day at the markets. We started at the Main Event, the vendors in Northwest Quartzsite. This is the better market. Right now there are an awful lot of rock vendors at all the other markets. The RV Show begins the 21st, next Saturday.
Lou and Dawn thoroughly examined the market while I casually looked and made my way back to the RV. Their last stop was to attend a flint knapping class, making arrowheads out of rocks. They learned a lot form Jerry Nine Fingers, the instructor. ??
One thing I looked at was a wind turbine generator. The idea has always impressed me. When the solar panels loose the sun because of clouds, there is often wind to come to the rescue. A 400 watt turbine should be capable of supplying as much energy as the solar panels do at a significantly lower cost, just $620, a little more than one solar panel. So it looks like something to do, right? Well, maybe not, the vendors ammeter only showed 2 amps during some very brisk gusts today when i looked at it, Should have been in the 15-20 amp area to be equivalent. So more looking is in order.
Quartzsite Solar Panels
Speaking of solar, I tilted up a couple of the panels and at noon I was getting 20 amps charge, 15-17 amps at 10am and 3pm. Not bad. Unfortunately, I can’t tilt all the panels due to shadowing. I need to devise a way to elevate as well as tilt the rear panels. I’ll start tinkering next week.

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