Thursday: Since we were in Blythe, Ca to see the vet, Lou and Dawn departed from there to head home. I did some shopping at the hardware store. I want to rig up a better mount for the solar so that all panels can have the best exposure to the sun, what there is of it. I also did the laundry and some grocery shopping. I then returned to Quartzsite. I needed to dump. We’ve been out dry camped for a week with the three of us and the tanks were getting full. I stopped and took a shower before dumping. There was a bit of a line at the dump but not as bad as it will be after all these people that have just arrived have been here a couple of days. I returned to our campsite and the chairs defended the site form the invading forces thankfully. I cleaned up the RV and made the beds etc. There are now 2-3 times as many people here as were here when we arrived. The RV show does draw them in.
Quartzsite Solar Tilt
Friday: I tinkered with the solar panel mounts. I was thinking of some elaborate means of getting the rear panels higher to avoid a shadow due to the low winter sun. Well, It seems i don’t need to. I was able to set the rear panel back on it’s mount, not just tilted but relocated back and that seems to do the trick. 25 amps of charge at noon. Of course that only amounts to about 100-120 ampere hours of charge per day. I am a big consumer, so I use more then 200 ampere hours per day. So some generator is still needed.
I ventured over to Q Mountain estates to check on RV lots. $60-140K. Interesting but too expensive and restricted.
Quartzsite Big Rig
I looked at an RV. It’s roomy. Maybe my next rig?

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