Audience At Apollo Camp Apollo Camp Speaker

Apollo Camp Speaker Apollo Camp Speaker

I went up to San Francisco last night to see the introduction of a new product from Adobe. It’s project name is Apollo but the name will probably change when it’s released. Someone evidently owns the name Apollo. Anyway, Apollo is cool. It allows rich internet applications to be developed and then they work on any platform, Windows, Mac’s, mobile devices, basically anything. They also can run as a desktop application without the need for a connection to the internet or with an ocassional connection. This is powerful stuff.

There were lots of demonstrations of things being done with Apollo. Ebay seems to like it. Abobe is a good host and provided all the usual stuff, pizza, sodas, beer, cookies, etc. there were a couple of hundred folks there, all seemed impressed. Of course, the real “piece de resistance” was that each attendee received a free copy of the Flex Builder 2 software (a $799 value) along with the Apollo app. That’s everything needed to make some great aplications. It’s too bad I already ordered Flex builder 2. Oh well, two is better than none?

I’ve been busy recently trying to learn to use Flex and now there’s more, to learn and that can be done. If I’m going to learn something new, I’d prefer it to be something that will be around a while. My other tools may be fading away.

Since my carpool buddy has moved from the area, I now take the Caltrain up to San Francisco for these things. The Adobe building is only two blocks away from the station. This event really pushed the limit though, It lasted from 5pm to 1130 pm. The last train out of town is 1201am.

Now I really need to start doing something with this stuff and quite acting retired, or something like that.

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