The new look here at Travel By Desine (TBD) was necessary in order to get the maps working on this site. Now if there is a map link associated with the posting, then there will be a “Google Map >>” button at the bottom of the posting. You can also use the “Google Map” to see a map with all the Geo Coded map pins for associated posts. Just click on a map pin and then you can click on the link and go to the blog post related to it.

The blog theme has the layout I like but the colors and banner image will need to be changed when I get a chance. I can live with the island look for a while.

I’ve also updated the Campground Reviews (CR) site as well. Now you can select the campground of interest using a map. In order to do so, I had to upgrade the blog software on the CR website because it was necessary to allow the map to appear on the home page. Eventually, I’ll have to upgrade the TBD and the other WordPress sites I’m running.

The CR site will also allow you to click on one of the random images shown on the home page and go to the review for the campsite. I haven’t enabled that yet because I have to make a new related image for each campsite or do some other trickery to display the images at the appropriate size. My head was hurting after doing the upgrade last night so the images will have to wait for another time.

If you like or dislike the maps or the new look, let me know. Use the Contact Form.

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