Saturday: (03/27) Maple and Brown sugar oatmeal and yogurt with jam for breakfast. After breakfast we headed to town to the air show at the Yuma Marine Corp Air Station. We parked at the fairgrounds which seemed to be where the people who wanted the best views of the flights were. We also wanted to see the ground displays so we walked around to the gate to the base and walked in. There were a lot of toys on display from radio controlled drones to a B52 bomber. We enjoyed looking around and chatting with many of the attendants. We finally learned (maybe) what the blimp is that hovers around East of our campsite over Yuma Proving Grounds. Evidently it’s an unmanned radar blimp which is part of our border patrol operations., at least that’s what we think the border patrol pilot told us.We thought it was part of the Army Proving Grounds. Who knows? The Harrier Jump Jets are also interesting.

We sthen went to lunch at the Eat Chinese buffet again. After lunch, we stopped by the local Jeep dealer to look at jeeps. Frankly, they don’t look too good. Way too much plastic. We also looked at a Chevy crew cab pickup 4×4. It looked better. the hunt is on.

We then headed home. The weather was pretty nice all day but a little breezy. I went up on the roof and did the touchup of the caulking on the front seam. Lou worked on her dolls. We had an evening campfire using the last of our never ending logs.

Yuma Air Show Yuma Air Show
Lots to see at the air show including a rather rare jet powered outhouse.

Yuma Air Show Yuma Air Show
The Cocopah Patriot Jets. And a group of precision biplanes.

Yuma Air Show Bomb Squad Truck
Lots of loud jets passing by overhead. The bomb squad truck might make a nice base for a motorhome.

Yuma Air Show Yuma Air Show
Even though there were a lot of folks there, it wasn’t really crowded. The star was the Harrier jets hovering, backing up and taking off an landing vertically.

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