Sunday: (04/04) We are having fairly strong winds this afternoon and the RV is swaying with the wind but about 3:40 this afternoon there was a bit stronger rocking that lasted over a minute and didn’t seem to be like the rocking from the wind. It turns out it wasn’t. There was a strong 7.2 earthquake just about 100 miles south of our location here in Anza Borrego and about 70 miles from our old campsite near Yuma. The earthquake is reported on the USGS website as being located about 40 miles South of Calexico, Ca. Pretty close! It must be even more interesting to people who aren’t as used to a little shaking as we are. At 7.2 it was at least twice as strong as the 1989 6.9 earthquake near watsonville that brought down the Bay Bridge in San Francisco and collapsed Highway 80 bridges in Oakland. We lived in San Jose at the time and all that it bothered in our house was two video tapes that fell rom the shelf. We were between the epicenter in Watsonville and the damage in Oakland. Much of Santa Cruz and Watsonville, cities South of us, were demolished in that quake, as well, so we have to hope Mexico fairs well.

One advantage to an RV is that it can rock without damage. We always try to have the water tank full, the waste tanks empty, and the gas tank full when the RV is at home, just in case. We also have food in it. is this just California thinking?

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2 Responses to “Earthquakes In The Wind”

  1. Cyndi says:

    I’ve been told that the safest places to be in an earthquake are in RVs since they’re constructed to withstand the bumpy roads. The USGS has upgraded that one to a 7.2 – and you were a whole lot closer to it than we are! We felt it roll for about 10 seconds up here in the San Bernardino Mountains. Felt like a 3.0 here – but I bet you felt all 7.2 there in AB.

  2. Don says:

    Thanks. I updated the magnitude. I was online and almost immediately checked the USGS site for information to see if it was an earthquake or just weird winds. They automatically estimate the magnitude and post immediately. I hadn’t checked for an update in a while. The fact they adjusted up isn’t good!
    In 1989, I had just gotten into my car to leave work when I felt the Loma Prieta Earthquake. I immediately looked outside because I wanted to see the earth wave but couldn’t see one. In 1985, we had a 5.4 earthquake centered East of Morgan Hill. It was less than five miles from where I was in the bus maintenance yard. I was in the back of the generator room and could not step over the 6 inch curb the generator was on due to the shaking. Things were falling from the storage shelves in the room as I finally made it out. When I got outside I watched as the buses parked in the yard were banging their bumpers on the ground due to the minor shaking. The building sustained little damage even though I was having difficulty getting out. Afterwords was when I heard of the viability of rolling earth. If it had rolled there would have been more damage but that quake was a vertical quake unlike the Loma Prieta which was horizontal as I understand it. A 5.4 quake is nothing compared to a 7.2 quake, almost 100 times less powerful. I’m very glad I wasn’t closer because it felt as good as the 5.4 quake here.