Sunday: (05/02) We checked at the fairgrounds to see if we could camp there but their RV area is being remodeled. It will be really nice when their through but for now, we headed on North of town 10 miles to the Pleasant Valley County Campground.

Pleasant Valley Campsite By Owens River Lou Feeding a Duck At Pleasant Valley CG
It’s right along the Owens river and is quite nice. A little after 5pm we drove back to town for Lou to loose her dollar at the Indian Casino and for me to use the Internet. Lou was successful, I wasn’t. Another McDonald’s with a bad Internet connection. So, the blog update will have to wait.

Lou fixed macaroni and cheese with leftover carrot pineapple and risen salad for dinner. After dinner we had a campfire by the river.

Monday: (05/03) We had sausage gravy over toast for breakfast. Lou started a pork roast with potatoes in the crock pot. We discovered we didn’t have the other ingredient, sauerkraut. We drove downtown and I updated the blog at McDonald’s (Nice when it works) while Lou explored the North end of town. We picked upĀ  an apple danish at Erik’s Bakery then walked around downtown to the South. At 1:15 we finally headed North on highway 395.

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2 Responses to “Pleasant Valley CG, Bishop, Ca”

  1. Cyndi says:

    You’re next to one of my husband’s favorite rivers. He just loves that Owens, especially the 2 miles just east of your campground. I showed him your pics and got a heavy sigh of longing.

  2. Don says:

    We haven’t done any fishing in quite a while but this river may convert us when we have more time to wet a hook. Our neighbor had no problem catching all he wanted. We didn’t walk down the river to the East this time but will on our next visit.