Wednesday: (02/27) Strawberry pancakes and sausage for breakfast. Lou also prepared some black bean soup for dinner in the pressure cooker while breakfast was prepared and eaten. it only required a little heat when it was dinner time. We started the day with a visit to the Visitor Center, when they were open, even. We signed up for a van tour of Ajo Mountain area on Sunday and I signed up for a van tour / hike to Quitobaquito Springs on Friday. With that done we returned home and extended our stay for four more days. We packed lunch and headed out on the 21 mile Ajo Mountain loop road, the same road we are signed up to tour Sunday. Seems kind of backwards.

Arch Canyon Trail To Ridge Top

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Arch Rock Trail  Arch Rock Trail
We stopped at the Arch Canyon trailhead. The sign said it was a 1 mile trail, a 1/2 mile in and return. While I hiked the trail Lou relaxed at the trailhead.

Arch Rock Trail  Arch Rock Trail
Of course, when I got to the normal return point the trail started up the mountain. It was rather rough and steep but I made it to the ridge in about 1:15. From the ridge you get a really good view of the park way below. You don’t get any views of the arch and there isn’t a trail to the arch either. After a good look I returned down the trail. My hike was about 2 hours and 2.9 miles. I had planned on a different hike or a couple of the short hikes today but this hike was enough for the day being a 1809 feet climb. We continued our tour of the road.

Arch Rock Trail  Organ Pipe Cactus NM
Above left shows where I ended up on the ridge in the saddle above. The drive back had more nice views of this desert.

We got back to the highway about 4:10 and then drove down to the boomng town of Lukeville, Arizona. Not much there. There is a big border crossing station, a gas sation/mini market and a restaurant. There is also a post office. Dinner was Lou’s black bean soup.

Sexy Saguaro Cacti 8842
After seeing these two cacti I now understand why there are so many saguara cacti around here.

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