Painted Rock BLM Site
Monday: (02/25) Since it was getting dark we decided to stop short of Organ Pipe at the Painted Rock Petroglyph Site 11 miles North of Theba, Az. We settled in as it got dark. Seems like a nice place for a stopover.
(GPS: 33.02167329, -113.04688125)

Painted Rock BLM Site Painted Rock BLM Site
Tuesday: (02/26) Bread and gravy for me potato and gravy for Lou for breakfast. We took a walk around the petroglyph rocks then headed out to the highway stopping for gas in Gila Bend. Catching Highway 85 South turned in to an adventure. There was a sign directing us off of I8 where we then stopped for gas at Love’s. Since e hadn’t seen a further sign directing us to Highway 85 South we ended up back on I8 and returned to the area we exited previously but on this approach there were adequate signs for even us to understand. We headed on through Ajo and Wye into the Organ Pipe Cactus NM.

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