Monday: (02/18) We were up and on the road fairly early. We stopped for breakfast at the Golden Corral then were on the way. We stopped in Parker for LPG and Quartzsite for meat at the market then headed on to Squaw Lake campground near Imperial Dam.

Squaw Lake
This is a BLM campground by the lake not the Long Term Visitor Area (LTVA) we stayed at at Senator Wash three weeks ago. We only plan on being here 2-3 days so are not getting a two week permit for the LTVA. Tomorrow we head over to Los Algodones, Mexico to see  our dentist.

(GPS: 32.903629, -114.4763087)

Tuesday: (02/19) We headed off to Los Algodones after breakfast. We dropped in at our dentist where I got ,y teeth cleaned and Lou got a replacement bridge fitting. She will get the new bridge Friday. We also stopped by and got eye exams and I ordered a new pair of driving glasses. Our dentist and optical visits pretty much filled our day. Cereal with bananas for breakfast. Shrimp tacos for lunch. I had a ham and cheese sandwich for dinner while Lou had some BBQ chicken..

Wednesday: (02/20) We enjoyed being rocked to sleep all evening. i went out in the dark to lower the TV mast. It was swaying 4-5 feet at the top with the heavy gusts. We had some rain later in the evening. In the morning we had just broken clouds, no rain. We stayed at home today. I tinkered with the computer. Lou relaxed. Smoked pork chop, eggs, and hash browned potatoes for breakfast. Chicken salad for lunch. Hot and sour chicken soup for dinner.

Thursday: (02/21) We headed in to town today in search of sesame pepper oil, or at least that’s how it started. We found it but Asian foods are not easily found here. Stopped by the bank to get cash for use at the dentist tomorrow. Stopped at a grocery outlet store and found a few things. Had lunch. Stopped by the indoor flea market where I picked up some caulk and another sewer hose at their RV parts store. While I did that Lou was visiting nearby thrift stores. She got distracted when she saw an RV similar to our where the owner had stripped off all the decal decorations. We intend to do that so she asked how they did it and then continued visiting. I was walking to meet her when I noticed the same RV so planned to stop and ask them myself. Then I noticed our Jeep in front of it, not the first thing I noticed but the second. We all chatted for a couple of hours before we left to complete our shopping then headed home arriving about 8:30.  Even with the visitation distraction we got all the items on our shopping list. Bread pudding for breakfast. Lunch at Eat’s Chinese buffet. Guacamole and chips for dinner.

Friday: (02/22) We headed back down to Los Algodones this morning. Lou got her new bridge installed and I got a haircut and beard trim, picked up my new pair of driving glasses and bought a nice new belt. Before we returned to the US side we had lunch. Then we returned to Yuma and completed our check of the thrift stores. We got gas before heading back toward the lake. Interesting that gas prices have risen 20 cents since we filled up Monday. We also stopped by the post office and picked up our mail. That was a quick delivery, Dawn mailed the package Wednesday afternoon. Cereal and bananas for breakfast. I had more shrimp tacos and Lou had a tomale for lunch We each had vanila milkshakes as well. Dinner was chicken with fresh asparagas and a green salad.

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