Wednesday: (02/06) I left Lou at home and drove out for a few short hikes.

I hiked out to Mouse’s Tank, a couple of huge holes in solid rock where a wash drops down 50-60 feet. The water has washed big holes that hold quite a lot of water. The tanks were known to people of the old west and likely to the Indians as well because there are petroglyphs on the rocks on along the trail to the tanks. I was running my GPS tracker but after the hike I managed to delete the track.

Valley Of Fire, Fire Wave and White Dome Trails

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I then continued out toward White Dome stopping to hike the Fire Wave Trail along the way. it was a nice hike but was unnecessarily am in/out trail not a loop. The end of the trail disappears without any other indications so I returned via my own chosen route emerging back to the road by a sign that said area closed. There didn’t seem to be a reason other than an excess of signs that needed to be erected.

I then continued on to White Dome and hiked the  trail there. This trail was only a 1.4 mile loop but I extended it but doing some rock climbing and wash hike to double the length seeing some very interesting areas. I enjoyed a lunch of beef log and cheese along the trail. I then returned home a bit after noon. Lou had enjoyed a nice shower in the park showers, done some reading and had her lunch while I was gone. I tinkered with the computer, enjoyed my own shower, and took a good nap while Lou was reading. Dinner was roast chicken with rice and a green salad.

Mouse's Tank, Tank Mouse's Tank Trail Petroglyphs
Above left is Mouse’s Tank, a big hole in the rocks that retains plenty of water. That may be a water source used by the early peoples that left there marks on the rocks as petroglyphs above right.

Fire Wave Trail Fire Wave Trail
Some rocks along the Fire Wave Trail above.

White Dome Trail White Dome Trail
Above left is the start of the White Dome Trail. The trail goes down from there along the right slot above right. That starting section is the only real steep part of the White Dome Trail.

White Dome Extended Trail White Dome Extended Trail Arch Rock
At the botto, i extended my hike by walking out over the rocks another half mile.

White Dome Trail Slot
This slot is at the bottom of the White Dome Trail.

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