Thursday:(02/07) Peach blintzes and sausage for breakfast. My hike today was on the Pinnacles Trail.

Valley Of Fire, Pinnacles Trail

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It’s an unimproved poorly marked trail across the valley floor and into and through the rocks and washes. The first part looks like it follows an old roadbed. Later it meanders guided by the occasional “duck” rock piles. I had planned to go out and find a geocache that is planted along the trail but my phone had other plans. I had downloaded and tested a geocache list for this area last night but It didn’t work today so no geocaching. I don’t think I ever found the trail the cache is on because I expected a loop but never found one. My trail went out and I returned on the same path. My trail was also much longer. I was planning a 4.5 mile trek but took a 7.6 mile trek. While the valley floor is flat and not colorful, up in the rocks there is vivid color and interesting shapes. There are lots of holes in the red rocks and even some arches. After about two miles out I saw only one other set of footprints since it last rained here other than the burro, coyote, fox, rabbit and mouse tracks. I could have gone further out, because it looks like the trail continues on toward the White Dome road I traveled yesterday,but I decided to turn around at noon because I had told Lou I’d only be gone about three hours. I had my cheese sandwich for lunch at the far end of my hike. I made spaghetti with rice noodles for dinner. It was a nice sunny day today. The wind started gusting hard occasionally in the evening.

Atlatl Rock In Valley Of Fire SP View Over Pinnacles Trail From Atlatl Rock
Adlatl Rock where there are some petroglyphs is right by our campground and the start of today’s hike. On the right is a photo of the trail path across the valley taken from the platform at Adlatl Rock..

Pinnacles Trail Pinnacles Trail Rock Arch
Going up the Pinnacles Trail (left) you come upon a nice arch (right).

Pinnacles Trail View Pinnacles Trail
Above left looking down where the Pinnacles Trail came up/ Our campground is on the far side of the valley on the left side. The trails are marked with rock ducks like the one shown above right.

Pinnacles Trail Pinnacles Trail Lunch_20130207_11
The last part of my hike was through a big dry wash where i stopped and enjoyed my lunch. i then turned around and returned via my same path.

Pinnacles Trail Flowering Cactus
Not many flowers out now. The barrel cactus above did have some though.

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