Thursday:(02/14)Happy Valentines Day!

We had our leftover omelet with leftover toast for breakfast. Leftovers are not a bad thing. Why work more often than you have to? We then headed down to the London Bridge and took a short walk around the channel by the bridge. Then we caught the ferry over to the Havasu Landing Casino on the California side of the lake. Not a big place but the ferry ride is fun. Tickets are $2 to go over, the return is free. I understand they have coupons in the local paper for free rides. Of course I learned this after our trip. We had lunch there. I had an Indian fry bread taco and Lou had a tuna salad. We arrived back home about 4pm. Lou made a hearty onion soup for dinner. The Winter Blast started with it’s first big bang at 4:45. They do training firings over these four days with a big show on Saturday. The show ended just before 10pm. A nice five hour show. We have many more neighbors tonight.

Friday: (02/15) Lou went out about town shopping and looking again today. I spent the day working at the computer and doing our taxes. Lots more people arriving and parking near us on the hill above Sara Park for the fireworks. Today they installed all sorts of no parking signs and reduced the speed on the highway.

Lake Havasu Fireworks  Lake Havasu Fireworks
The fireworks started at 5pm and continued past 10pm, another really good evening of fireworks. Cereal for Breakfast. Lunch at Casa Sereno Mexican Restaurant, chili relleno and spinach cheese enchilada for me, two shrimp ceviche tacos for Lou. Leftover onion soup for dinner.

Saturday: (02/16) We did another shopping run in the morning. After lunch I got to work on the taxes finishing the first draft.

Lake Havasu Fireworks  Lake Havasu Fireworks
In the evening I walked over to Sara Park with my chair for the big show. Lou remained at home to avoid the walk over the hills. My view point was right on a hill above the show grounds. The people in the bleachers didn’t have the view I did and I only had a half dozen other people watching from my hill. A good show! Here is a video of just a part of the fireworks show. Sorry for the poor quality.

Cereal and bananas for breakfast. Grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. Enchilada caserol for dinner.

Sunday: (02/17) Last day for fireworks. I tinkered at home. Lou went out later in the afternoon to shop and look around. We got to enjoy more than 20 hours of fireworks over four days, 12 of those hours after dark. A nice show. This location at MM176 is better than the MM174 location. We were so close that the big booms rocked the RV.We were only about 1/4 mile or less from the show. In fact I think the show was better here than down where they launch them since we didn’t have to strain our necks but our full view was often filled with the display.Toast and gravy for breakfast. Enchilada casserole for lunch. Lou made shrimp ceviche tacos for dinner. Back on the road tomorrow.

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