Monday: (05/20) We were up early to be ready for the mechanics whenever our parts arrive. Lou made scones with bacon for breakfast. Dawn and I visited the Thrift store and I got quite a few travel picture books and guides. Lou made Chinese chicken salad for lunch. Last time we were here when I was moving the RV onto the lift I hit the sewer drain pipe and broke a filling near the gray water tank. Fortunately the break is after the valve. It was a bit messy for the last two tank duties. Today I finally got out my rescue fusing tape and taped up the break until I get a chance to replace the piping. I have to replace several fittings and the valve to make the final repair. That can wait until we get home and I can fully drain and wash out the tanks. Our part arrived just after lunch so I prepared the RV to roll and moved it closer to the shop. The new dipstick and tube were installed and we were rolling out of town just after 2pm. We took Highway 89 North to Highway 20 the West on 20 to I15. Then North on I15 to Beaver. We filled up with gas there and also stopped at a local cheese factory, Cache Valley Creamery. We bought some cheese and some curds. We headed West from Beaver on Highway 21 to Baker, Nevada, then headed into Great Basin NP on Highway 488. We arrived after 5:30 and were lucky to find a site big enough for us.

Great Basin NP Upper Lehman CG No11 Great Basin NP Upper Lehman CG Creek
Our site (#11) is nice and sunny and right between two streams. We may be staying here for a few days, possibly the week. Fish with rice for dinner.
(GPS:  39.0131, -114.2515)

Tuesday: (05/21) We toured the Visitor Center in the morning.

Great Basin NP Alpine Lakes Hike Great Basin NP Alpine Lakes Hike
After that, I drove up the mountain and attempted a hike out to The Alpine Lakes and Bristle cone grove. There is a lot of snow remaining and the trail is mostly covered with snow. I made it up to Teresa Lake with a lot of post-holing through the snow.

Great Basin NP Alpine Lakes Hike Great Basin NP Alpine Lakes Hike
I decided to return the way I came rather than make the entire loop by Stella Lake as well because the snow looked worst beyond Teresa Lake. The trail to the Bristlecone Grove was blocked by snow as well so I cancelled that. Speaking with a couple of other hikers I learned that most of the trail to the other lake was clear. I might have been able to do the whole hike but I really don’t like snow. Just a little beyond the Bristlecone Grove is the only glacier in Nevada. In a couple of weeks, all these trails will be nice hikes.Right now there is too much snow for me.

Great Basin NP Great Basin NP Osceola Ditch Hike  Great Basin NP Great Basin NP Osceola Ditch Hike
On the way down the hill I stopped and took a short hike on the Osceola Ditch Trail. During their gold mining boom the water was diverted from the creek we are camped by to a mine about 18 miles away. This trail is down the mountain about 2500 feet at 8000 feet and was a nice hike. Oatmeal for breakfast. I had a Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch on the trail. Lou and Dawn had leftovers. Sausage salsa cornbread for dinner.

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