Sunday: (07/28) After some computer time in the morning I went outside. I replaced another leaking sprinkler valve. That was followed by more time with the computer. I planned a hike for my hiking group in Portola Valley for a couple of weeks from now. In the late afternoon I started loading the Jeep. I pulled the second scaffold from the shop and tied it onto the Jeep. Each piece has to be tied down individually so they don’t fly off on the freeway. After a late dinner I headed down to San Jose for the week. Lou made asparagus omelets for breakfast.Cheese bread and wieners for lunch followed with fresh strawberries. Baked zucchini casserole for dinner. Fresh peaches for desert.

Monday: (07/29) I started with a little walk to the bank ATM downtown for some cash then stopped by the La Victoria Taqueria for a breakfast burrito. Then I returned home and started stripping paint. Lunch was a cheese sandwich. I only have 3 more feet of the eves on the left of the fireplace to do, then some repairs to the siding, some sanding and I’ll be painting this section to see how if looks. About 6:15pm I was through for the day, cleaned up and went to the market for a few things before stopping at the Super Taqueria for a burrito for dinner. Another Monday Mexican breakfast and dinner day. Apple pie for desert.

Tuesday: (07/30) I had a Dentist appoint in the morning to replace an old filling with a cavity creeping along side it. Always fun! I returned home and relaxed until after lunch. After lunch i got to work and finished the little bit of eve stripping remaining by the fireplace and started cleaning off the loose paint on the stucco chimney. Ham, egg and cheese Don McMuffin for breakfast. A chicken pot pie for lunch. Pork chop with Spanish rice for dinner. Apple pie for desert.

Wednesday: (07/31) A little prep to do some painting. Tat included a shopping visit to Home Depot for a few things. After lunch I did some paint shaving on the front of the house  and prime painted the replacement window sashes.  Another Egg, ham and cheese Don McMuffin for breakfast. Egg rolls and shrimp balls from King Eggroll for lunch. Roast beef with a baked potato for dinner.

Look at stripped area of house Before and after look at eves
Thursday: (08/01) I was busy stripping all day. I finished the wall where I tried chemical strippers before. Now it is down to bare wood using the paint shaved and heat gun. I still have the window fram and eves but progress has been made. I have several pieces of siding to replace on this wall as well. In the evening we all went to IKEA. Lou picked up a storage unit and ewe had dinner. Granola with a banana for breakfast. Tuna sandwich for lunch. I had Swedish meatballs with mashed spuds and soup, Lou had chicken and Dawn had salmon  at IKEA for dinner.

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