Saturday: (08/03) I made a hazardous waste run to the city sanitary distraic Hazardous Waste Day site. Just some flourscent tubes, paint stripper, pesticides and a big bag of potentially lead based paint. Next task was to cut a board for San Jose. Nothing special, just a 1.5/8″ wide piece of redwood. That brought me to repairing a flat tire on my shop cart/workbench. It has pnumatic tires and i had a blowout on one. I stopped by Harbor Freight and picked up a solid rubber replacement tire and installed it. I also collected things I have noted down as needing for San Jose and loaded them into the Jeep. Many other related tasks filled the day. Zuchini with chorizo and onions for breakfast. Ham cucumber, and pepper salad for lunch. Lou made some glop for dinner (hamburger, kidney beans, macaroni and more.)

Sunday: (08/04) I loaded up our last CRT TV today, a real project hefting it out to the car. It was a big TV but still fit in the rear of the Hyundai. It’s amazing what we can fit in that tiny trunk. Otherwisw, i mostly relxed and computed today. In the afternoon, i finished loading the Jeep for the the San Jpse project then after dinner I headed down for the night. Dawn baked some donuts for breakfast. Lo made grilled cheese and ham sandwiches for lunch and Shepard’s pie for dinner.

Monday: (08/05) I managed to forget my laptop’s power supply. I knew I would eventually so I solved the problem today by stopping in at Fry’s Electronics and getting a spare to leave here in San Jose. I also stopped by where I used to work for a visit as well as making a stop at the County offices to turn in some paperwork for Lou’s transition to Medicare. That all pretty much used up the morning.Cottage cheese and fruit for lunch. In the after noon, I crawled under the house to saw off an abandoned drain pipe that was in the way of repairing the siding. It used to be for the downspout. I also prime coated the replacement siding pieces back sides. And that used up the rest of the day. For dinner I went to KFC for their chicken and corn dinner.

Tuesday: (08/06) I was busy doing wood work most of the day. There was some rotted wood that needed ┬áto be replaced. It’s really fun repairing the damaged floor joists and sill plate to restore a good nailing base for the replacement siding. I also did a little more primer painting on a couple of vent covers after rebuilding them. At 4pm I headed off to meet Lou for a class and dinner. Granola for breakfast. Ham and cheese sandwich for lunch, Chinese buffet for dinner.

Wednesday: (08/07) My first task was a visit to Kelly Moore paint to get some samples of a high build primer and the colors we thought would look good on th house. I plan on doing a teat spot on the house. When i returned, i continued with the wood work, replacing aiding and other repairs. Lou and Dawn dropped by about 4:30 bringing dinner. Last week when we had dinner at IKEA, I had some zucchini soup, something like a minestrone soup. It was pretty good. Dawn made some soup fashioned after the IKEA soup which was quite good. Home fried potatoes, sausage and eggs for breakfast. Leftover Shepherd’s pie for lunch. Squash soup that Dawn made for dinner.

Thursday: (08/08) I made pancakes and sausage for breakfast. I then finished repairing the siding I had been working on. That required a quick trip to the lumber store for more 8″ siding. Fortunately, I still have more 4″ siding left so I don’t have to remill it. After my ham and cheese sandwich lunch I started stripping more paint from the eves. Another good day and i should be finished with the first section at the front of the house, or about 30 feet of the house. I the cleaned up, did my house work and return to Palo Alto for the weekend. I only work a four day week. Dinner was some ham and bean soup followed by an interesting zucchini pie, that tasted exactly like an apple pie, that Dawn made.

12th St House Painting 2061 12th St House Painting 2062
The white siding is the store bought primed 8″ bevel siding. I had to replace a few pieces of the 4″ siding as well mostly between the new 8″ siding. Not shown is the new siding I replaced behind the gas meter as well.

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