Don on September 26th, 2013

Thursday: (09/26) Rather breezy still. Not good for spraying paint. All painting today was by brush. I spent the morning doing the wall on the other side of the fireplace, the afternoon doing the front section. Home fried potatoes, sausage and eggs for breakfast. BBQ ribs with potato salad for lunch. I finished the second […]

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Don on September 25th, 2013

Wednesday: (09/25) Granola for breakfast. I started my day by installing more masking so I could spray some paint today. I stopped to attend a 10am webinar about building mobile applications. After the break, I had an early lunch of some leftover stuffed peppers and some yogurt before heading out to work. I had finished […]

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Don on September 21st, 2013

Saturday: (09/21) Dawn and Courtney headed down to Hollister t the Renaissance Faire at Casa De Fruita. For breakfast, leftover stuffed bell peppers. Morning tea in the arbor before it rained. Lou has graduated. She gets to take her first shower in a couple of weeks today. Before the day was done we had had […]

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Don on September 20th, 2013

Here is a variation on stuffed bell peppers that we haven’t tried before. It turned out really well and is pretty quick. Sometimes when we bake them the rice is not always finished cooking when the peppers are well done. Ingredients: green peppers 7 oz can of mild Herdez Salsa Casera 12 OZ can of […]

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Don on September 6th, 2013

Friday: (09/06) I dropped Lou off at the hospital for her surgery at 5am. All went well! We stopped in to visit about 11am. She was feeling well but not enjoying some nausea she was feeling. Dawn and i had breakfast at A Good Morning Restaurant sharing a Denver omelet with a pancake. After our […]

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Don on September 1st, 2013

Sunday: (09/01) I fixed a eggs and a sausage hash with onions and some ¬†green peppers from our garden. i helped Ernie to install a top to his work table. Lou installed some LED lights on the big bird cage which I then had to run power to. The i went over to Home Depot […]

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