Thursday: (09/26) Rather breezy still. Not good for spraying paint. All painting today was by brush. I spent the morning doing the wall on the other side of the fireplace, the afternoon doing the front section. Home fried potatoes, sausage and eggs for breakfast. BBQ ribs with potato salad for lunch. I finished the second and third areas so the areas I’m painting all have their first coat of primer. I returned to Palo Alto and had a late dinner of what had been a tri-tip roast cooked as sauerbraten. Evidently Lou and Dawn had enjoyed it because there was very little meat and lots of stewed onion and raisins. I topped that with some dried apricots and glazed pecans.

Friday: (09/27) Granola with yogurt for breakfast. This morning I took Lou to a doctor’s appointment. She’s doing fine. After the appointment we stopped at a nearby Chinese buffet for lunch. I planned hikes for the next tw0 Friday’s and posted them for my hiking group. Some of Lou’s chili beans from the freezer for dinner.

Saturday: (09/28) Today was National Plug In Day so I went to the 41th Annual Electric Vehicle Rally at De Anza College in Cuprtino. SOme very interesting home built and manufactured electric vehicles on display. I was very tempted by the Think Electric cars on sale for $15,700 after all the rebates. It’s built something like an old Saturn with a plastic body on an aluminum tubing frame.  There was a very nice converted VW bug as well. I was very impressed by a portable solar array on top of an electric motorcycle racing tams van. I provided about a 16′x16′ array.  Buck wheat with yogurt and honey for breakfast. Ham, cheese and tomato sandwich for lunch. Pork chops with rice and asparagus for dinner.

I received a call about 1840 from our tenant in Sn Jose that the garage next door was removed and their dog was gone when they arrived home. The reason the two go together is because the neighbors garage accounted for about 25 feet of our side yard fence and the dog is an opportunist. I collected some wire and EMT conduit and headed down to install a temporary fence for them. I was back home by 2100.

Sunday: (09/29) We mostly relaxed today. I did take Dawn on and errand and we also walked over to Fry’s Electronics for a stroll. I also cleaned out the pond water. It collects leaves and stops flowing. I also helped Ernie while he washed out his holding tanks.  Ham eggs and home fried potatoes with onions and green peppers for breakfast. Grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. BBQ ribs with Baked French fried potatoes that Lou and Dawn made with broccoli slaw. About 7pm I headed down to San Jose to the apartment.

Monday: (09/30) I painted to second coat of primer today. Maple bar for breakfast. Ham and cheese sandwich with carrots for lunch. BBQ ribs with rice for dinner.

Tuesday: (10/01) A short walk through the San Jose State University campus for breakfast burrito at La Victoria restaurant. When I got back to the apartment I grabbed the Jeep and went to Home Depot for some supplies. About 11am I finally got to work painting. Lunch was my usual ham and cheese sandwich with some carrots. That was followed by more painting. I completed the third coat of primer about 6pm. A quick shower and I walked back to La Victoria for a chili relleno dinner.

Wednesday: (10/02) I painted about 2/3′s of the walls with the color coat. It Looks pretty good as long as you don’t stand too close. Granola for breakfast. A carnitas torta from Super Taqueria for lunch. Dinner at the China Wok in Sunnyvale on my way back to Palo Alto.

Thursday: (10/03) Dawn and I headed down to San Jose early stopping for breakfast at La Victoria Restaurant. I had my usual bacon burrito and Dawn had quesadillas. I painted the rest of the house and touched up the part i painted yesterday. It was really windy so I didn’t do a second color coat. Lunch was a bowl of chili with some leftover fried potatoes. I finished painting about 2pm and then cleaned up early. I hope next week has less wind. Dawn returned about 4pm and we headed up to Palo Alto with a stop at LUU Noodle house to pick up dinner, the usual combination chow fun and a pad Thai and some egg rolls.

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