Don on March 31st, 2014

The PCT is the Pacific Crest Trail, or more specifically the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail. The actual lenght is supposed to be about 2663 miles before detours due to fires and endangered species needs. There are a few unofficial route options as well but generally it is a hike along the crest of the […]

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Don on March 30th, 2014

Sunday: (03/30) Leftover corned beef hash and sausage for breakfast. We were out of eggs. We had an exciting morning planned. We drove up to Portola Valley to the Tank Farm to look over the many tanks at what used to be the private collection of Jacques Littlefield. Unfortunately for the “museum”, he passed away […]

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Don on March 29th, 2014

Saturday: (03/29) Off to our weekly grocery shopping run. Walmart, Trader Joe’s and Sprout’s. We even visited Safeway. I couldn’t locate Carnation Instant Breakfast. Safeway had it but my problem had been that’s not what is called anymore. It’s Carnation Essentials. Anyway, I wanted some to try out for the hike. Could make fore quick […]

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Don on March 28th, 2014

Friday: (03/28) I stopped at Jack In The Box for a breakfast sandwich before heading down to Los Gatos to meet Jack Borok at 0845 to commute to Santa Cruz for a hike at Pogonip Preserve near downtown. My San Jose Mid-week Hikers Meetup Group enjoyed a nice hike through the second growth redwoods, by […]

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Don on March 26th, 2014

Wednesday: (03/26) I washed my used hiking clothes today but was mostly occupied by working in the yard relocating plants from the green house to the yard, potting and re-potting plants and generally acting like the gardener I am. I rather like gardening but other than this twice annual plant migration to and from the […]

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Don on March 22nd, 2014

This is part of my Pacific Crest Trail hike preparation. Primarily it was to confirm if I can hike multiple days of 20 miles. It is also my inaugural backpack camping hike. Saturday: (03/22) Palo Alto to Long Ridge OSP. I enjoyed a typical trail breakfast in the comfort of home, peanut butter pop tarts. […]

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Don on March 21st, 2014

Friday: (03/21) I met several fellow hikers here at the house for a carpool up to Sanborn Park for the hike. Bob Rollin led us up to Skyline Road and back making a very good conditioning hike with 6.8 miles and 1600 feet elevation change. 22 fellow hikers. Apricot cobbler with bacon for breakfast. We […]

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Don on March 18th, 2014

Monday: (03/17) St Patrick’s Day. We already did our St Patrick’s Day thing yesterday so today is just another day wearing green. Nice weather today but cooler than last week. I completed sanding the porch eves and study wall.  Should be ready to paint tomorrow.  After cleanup I headed out to complete my grocery shopping […]

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Don on March 16th, 2014

Saturday: (03/15) We did our weekly shopping run to Walmart’s and Sprout’s market first thing in the morning. Lou had two assignments for me to accomplish today. Move the washing machine outside for the season. During good weather it’s outside and waters the lawn. Task two was to clean out the cooler for the coming […]

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Don on March 14th, 2014

Friday: (03/14) Granola and sausage for breakfast. I met three fellow hikers in the front yard for a carpool to the park. We headed up Page Mill Road to Skyline Road then on to the park above Saratoga. Castle Rock SP EveryTrail – Find the best Hiking in California We met the other 22 hikers […]

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