Saturday: (07/05) Another Saturday morning shopping run. Bananas with cereal for breakfast. Leftovers du jour for lunch. I made stuffed bell peppers for dinner. It’s one of my specialties. For seven peppers, I grilled one pound of ground beef and a half pound of chorizo then added a can of diced tomatoes, a can of spaghetti sauce and some salsa. Being lazy, I added four packages of 90 second rice to that mix. I then partially cooked the peppers in a covered bowl for one minute per pepper. I then added the mix stuffing the peppers and surrounding them with the remainder of the mix. They were then returned to the microwave for another minute per pepper. Done and delicious.

Sunday: (07/06) I re-potted a couple of the yard planters. I needed to add some drain rock at the bottom of the pots so they drain properly. I did two that had plugged themselves entirely but they all need to be done eventually. I was also busy scrubbing the RV roof today. I’m preparing to reseal the rubber roof. Leftover stuffed bell peppers for breakfast. A corned beef and cheese sandwich for lunch. Dawn made some homemade pesto added to some gnocchi for dinner.

Monday: (07/07) Lou had an appointment this afternoon. Leftover stuffed bell peppers for breakfast. Lunch at the Country Inn, a shared wild mushroom omelet with Swedish Pancakes and bacon. Grilled corned beef and cheese sandwiches for dinner.

Tuesday: (07/08) I relaxed much of the morning but around noon, I finally went outside to work on the RV Roof. Another good scrubbing. When that dried I gave it a couple of coats of sealer. Donuts for breakfast. Lou had a waffle with fruit. Leftover bell peppers for lunch. Penne noodles with egg plant and BBQ ribs for dinner.

Wednesday: (07/09) I removed the rest of the neighbors tree next to the RV this morning and spent much of the rest of the day getting it chopped up and into the compost barrels. The main trunk I cut into 18 inch sections for later disposal or splitting for firewood. They are too big (18″ diameter) to be placed into the compost bin. I also finished the RV roof clean and seal job by reinstalling the roof vent covers. Leftovers for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Thursday: (07/10) Lou had an appointment today. We relaxed at home all morning. We stopped for lunch at th Country Inn on the way home. Leftovers for breakfast and dinner.  We decided to get away for a few days before i leave so i was busy trying to make reservation for a campsite someplace. Not much luck finding anyplace in any California State Park through the summer.

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