Thursday: (03/26)  0800. Checked out of Motel 6. Breakfast at Jack In The Box, the loaded sandwich. I called a cab and Bob drove me out to MM207 to resume my hike.

PCT MM207 Street Sign at Snow Creek 1846 PCT Trail Marker at MM207 1847
This intersection is where the cab picked me up last year so this is where the cab dropped me off to start my hike again. It heads out from Snow Creek and across the valley floor and under the freeway to White Water.

PCT I10 Oasis Trail Magic 1849
The trail magic at the I10 underpass was wonderful (above left).

PCT Ziggy and The Bears 1852 PCT Ziggy And The Bears Place 0258
I then stopped at Ziggy and the Bears place, mostly to fill my water bottles. I only carried two liters till then. I wanted four for this next section. When I arrived hikers Peter and Eric were departing. Hiker Sampson was also there. Before I left Etrain arrived.

PCT MM210-218 White Water 1855 PCT MM210-218 White Water 1861
I finally left at 1500. About half way to my campsite Etrain caught up. We hiked the rest of the way together. I had mentioned that I came across my first snake by the trail coming down Mt San Jacinto that these hikers did this morning. Well Etrain took it to heart. He was hiking ahead of me and came across two disturbed rattlers. He skirted the second and I followed his bypass route and came across a third next to his second adjacent to his bypass. He may need a new trail name of the snake wrangler.

PCT MM210-218 White Water 1867
We hiked the last three miles in the dark arriving at White Water Preserve at 2100. Nice campground.

GPS: 33.988642 -116.656158

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