Sunday: (03/29) Up at 0630 but not on trail until 0830. It was cold,made even more so by my filling 10 liters of water at the trickling spring. Good water and always flows but just a trickle. I was the last to leave camp.

PCT MM240 To MM256 SnowAlong Trail 1906 PCT MM240 To MM256 SnowAlong Trail 1903
I only saw three other hikers all day. Two older guys that I didn’t get names for and Dave a local resident who hikes these trails regularly for his health. He provided good info about the trail conditions ahead. I hiked the last four miles in the dark to get out of the no water stretch arriving at Arrastre Creek Trail Camp, MM256 at 2130. It didn’t really matter anyway. I only used five of my 10 litter load. Actually a good thing because my spring water was better than the pooled creek water. Mountain Dew and First Up were already settled in.

GPS: 34.21487 -116.739972

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