Thursday: (04/02) Up at 0700 but it was cold so I wasn’t moving. For the first time my tent had condensation but it appeared as ice flakes not liquid. I finally was on the trail at 0900. I was surprised to pass Haiku, the hiker that started with me at Highway 18. I hadn’t seen him since the start. He was breaking camp.

PCT Holcum Creek Area 1925 PCT MM286 To MM301 1932
I passed a couple of small springs and through some interesting landscapes.

PCT Deep Creek Bridge Area 0292 PCT MM301 Campsite 0294
I didn’t see him again until Deep Creek just before I stopped for the day at 1900. He planned on some night hiking. I think this canyon that Deep Creek is in is too good to not see unlike the burned area I hiked through last night. It turns out Haiku is from Monterey and is a member of my hiking group but hasn’t done anything with the group yet. I had dinner by Deep Creek near Splinters Cabin picnic area then hiked on a couple of miles to MM301 to camp. Now at 4300′. Later Colonel Tom Parker and his dog Bob Dylan said hello and camped nearby. In the morning Bob joined me for breakfast. I often have salami and a granola bar. He sat in front of me so I ask if he could have a bit. The colonel said yes do I bit off a chunk and tossed it to him. He then ran off to his own camp all happy and never bothered me the rest of my breakfast.

GPS: 34.299113 -117.124858

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