Friday: (04/03) Up at 0630, on trail 0730. After a couple of miles I met a SB hiker to the Kickoff meet later this month. His trailname was Perogee.  A little later Marmot caught up. He had left the Hostel in the afternoon after me.

PCT Deep Creek Fuzzy Stemmed Flower 1952
I found this flower interesting. A fuzzy plant with flowers that look like pop corn before turning in to a nice little white flower.

PCT Deep Creek 1957 PCT Deep Creek Hot Springs 1961
Most of the day was hiking along Deep Creek canyon. It’s really nice and I’m glad I didn’t do any night hiking last night. Along the way is a nice hot springs. I decided not take advantage of it this time. I saw a 5′ king snake on the trail as I left the hot spring.

PCT Deep Creek Painted Bridge 1968 PCT Deep Creek 1969
Above left is a nice bridge across the creek. The trail led to the end of the canyon at the Mojave dam (above right). It’s difficult to determine the direction it is intended to store water on. Both up stream and down stream look the same with ranches and houses.

It then ran along the edge of the mountains heading toward Cajon Pass. I stopped at 1830 at a flat spot by the trail at MM317.5.

GPS: 34.316428 -117.262917

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