PCT Mojave River Valley 1974 PCT Mojave River Valley 1978
Saturday: (04/04) On trail at 0800. Today’s hike continued along┬áthe Mojave River, around Silverwood Reservoir through Silverwood State Park, and to Cajon Pass over 24 miles, and my feet noticed. I met a little horned toad along the trail.

PCT Silverwood Lake SP 1985 PCT Silverwood Lake SP Yellow Flowers 1989
Silverwood lake is rather large and took a long time to hike around the perimeter. From the lake the trail led up another mountain. It was dark as I arrived at the tp and started down toward the pass. The trail passed through what was probably and interesting area. It came down 1500 feet along some knife edge ridge trail sections. Lots of fun in the dark with 40 mph winds.

I arrived at 2145 at the Best Western Motel which has a PCT hiker discount. No great dining nearby just McDonald’s, Subway and Del Taco where I had dinner. I did my wash since I’m here even though it’d on two days or 27 miles and 5000 feet to my next break in Wrightwood. The last four miles would have been interesting viewing in daylight, sort of hiking into the Grade Canyon but just 1500′ down along the cliff edge and along rim trail. I may have to hike it again some time in daylight. MM342 plus one mile off trail to motel.

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