Saturday: (05/23) Our usual shopping run in the morning. Lou made biscuits and gravy for breakfast. I spent the day finishing the cooler installation by installing weatherstripping. I then installed the lower cabinets. Lots of fitting to be done on a very un-level floor.  Grilled cheese and tuna sandwiches for lunch. A nice lentil and black bean soup for dinner.

Sunroom Window Removal 0379 Sunroom Window Removal 0382

Sunday: (05/24) Ham and pancakes with berries for breakfast. Needed to go to Lowe’s for some materials and hardware for the wall. On the way home I got some Dim Sum for lunch. I finished installing the middle cabinets and started considering how to modify the upper cabinet for installation. It needs to be modified from a 24 inch deep cabinet to a 12 inch cabinet depth. Dinner at the Home Town Buffet.

Lou's Cabinet Installation 0384

Monday: (05/25) Granola for breakfast. I spent the day installing the counter top base and modifying the top cabinet. The top cabinet was a vertical pantry cabinet and is now a Horizontal cabinet. That was the easy part. The harder part was changing it from a 24 inch deep cabinet to a 12 inch deep cabinet.. A ham sandwich for lunch.

Lou's Cabinet Installation0385
The cabinets are now in. Now it’s Lou’s turn to install the counter top, do some painting, and move in to the cabinets. I still have to install a little wall paneling around the cooler and install the kick plate. It’s amazing how well the used cabinet fit. We even have uses for all the other cabinets. to add doors to our pantry and make another free standing 30 inch wide cabinet.

We had Cecelia and Courtney over for our Memorial Day fest of hamburgers in the yard. I had just finished the cabinets so I was still wearing my interesting clothes. I’ve ruined two shirts on this project but today I wore one of my more obvious work shirts which sports a lot of paint on it and looks like I walked under a flock of sea gulls. It received no damage.

Tuesday: (05/26) Lou and I stopped for breakfast at A Good Morning then made a shopping run by Orchard Hardware, Harbor Freight Tools, Lowe’s and Home Depot. We had a shopping list for our projects. It took us long enough that we stopped for lunch at LUU Noodle House on the way home, then remembered a few things we hadn’t gotten so stopped at Orchard Hardware again. One of the things we bought was casters for Lou’s work table. I got out the table saw and cut some boards to modify the table to accept the wheels and started to install the wheels. I drilled all the holes for the six each 3 inch casters but ran in to a problem when the bolts I bought were 1/2 inch too long. I’m using T-nuts on the inside of the cabinet to minimize penetration so the bolts must be just right. I stopped work and will go after the correct length bolts tomorrow. Leftover hamburgers for dinner.

Wednesday: (05/27) I made my run to Orchard Hardware to get the shorter bolts I needed. When I started to attach the first wheel, the new bolts were too short. ??? it turns out the bolts i got yesterday were the correct length except for the first one i pulled out of the sealed box that was supposed to contain 25 each 2″ bolts. That first bolt was 2.5 inches long. the rest were 2 inch. I didn’t remove the one that was too long. Instead i measured another from the box, determined they were 2 inch and decided I needed 1.5 inch bolts because that first one was 1/2 inch too long. I should never make an assumption!  Now the bench is on wheels.

I then attacked the RV repairs which mostly ended up ordering a new roof fan and some dual tire air hose mounting brackets. The fan is noisy and runs intermittently. It isn’t all that old but we do run it all the time, especially when parked here at home. I had tried to locate the brackets before and couldn’t find them without a complete $45 replacement hose set with brackets. I finally found just the brackets. They should be here tomorrow. Then I cut and installed the baseboards for the new cabinets. Lou and Dawn were busy with their projects in the morning and had appointments in the afternoon. Lou is now working on the counter top.

A nice breakfast sandwich with eggs, potatoes and cheese on a Chibata bun for breakfast.Chili, cottage cheese and peaches for lunch. Fish with baked potatoes and steamed mixed vegetables for dinner.

Thursday: (05/28) Leftover bread pudding and an omelet that Dawn prepared for breakfast. Lou and I spent the morning cutting and fitting the counter top for the cabinet. For lunch i tried a ramen burger from the L&L Hawaiian Restaurant. The bun was replaced by to ramen noodle patties. Otherwise it was a regular hamburger other than having an interesting sweet Chinese sauce in place of other condiments. Quite good. Lou and Dawn had their own gluten free tacos. The replacement Fantastic fan for the RV arrived so I installed it in the afternoon. Lou was busy gluing down the counter top we cut this morning, sewing, and getting ready to go in the RV. After dinner we made a quick shopping run for a computer case for Dawn’s new laptop and few groceries.

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