Wednesday: (06/17) A quick trip to Walmart for some things Lou needed and where I got breakfast at their McDonald’s. I then dropped Lou and Dawn off and headed to San Jose to the Traffic Operations Center for a Traffic Signal Association meeting where I used to work. It was nice to visit with some of my former coworkers and learn about some of the things they’ve been busy with. Ananth Prasad was one of the speakers presenting information on the County’s innovative Adaptive Pedestrian Timing System. They’ve also been busy with implementing Predictive Coordination. Another speaker, Janae Scott of Jam Services, presented information on a new battery backup system using new Nickel Zinc batteries. All very interesting. I stopped for lunch on the way home at my favorite Dim Sum King restaurant in Sunnyvale. I did a little weeding in the backyard in the afternoon but mostly wasted the rest of the day. Nice! Lou made beef stroganoff for dinner

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