Saturday: (06/20) We are fortunate recently to have weather that is dynamic. Hot one day cool the next. The cool days are best. Saturday morning shopping run. Lou made apricot pancakes for breakfast. We had only a delicious few apricots this year. Lou and I each spend the day cleaning up, me my shop and Lou her craft room. My major effort was replacing the wire shelves with plywood shelves. Dawn made smoothies for brunch and I made chili topped baked potatoes for lunch. I made more pork chops with sauerkraut and potatoes in the slow cooker for dinner.

Sunday: (06/21) Lou made sausage, eggs and home fried potatoes for my breakfast in bed. It is Father’s Day. Eventually I went outside to do a little work in the shop. Cottage cheese and fruit for lunch. BBQ ribs with fries and asparagus for dinner.


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