Monday: (06/01) Up early, got breakfast from my new hiking breakfast location, L&L Hawaiian Donut shop. They have a nice English muffin with sausage, egg and cheese like I prepare at home. They also have donuts, which top off any breakfast. Lou and Dawn decided to come with me down to Moss landing where I;m going kayaking with my San Jose Mid-Week Hikers group. They dropped me off there at 0910. We had about 27 kayakers. This was my first time but likely not my last time kayaking. We paddled out into the slough among ┬áthe sea otters, seals, pelicans and other fauna. We were out a little over two hours. I had to fib a little confirming that I can swim, I can’t but don’t have any problem being in water having a good dog paddle. My partner in the boat was a retired fireman so I was in good hands. As it turns out we were the fastest crew of the lot, in my opinion. Otter are so much fun to watch. We even had a seal come right up to out kayak. Fortunately it didn’t board the kayak. We had perfect weather, about 72 degrees with no wind. It was supposedly the first sunny day in several weeks. Our host, Bob, has a magic touch at scheduling things like this. Afterwards we went to Phil’s Fish Market Restaurant by the harbor for lunch. Lou and Dawn were busing looking around nearby Warsonville and Santa Cruz and picked me up after lunch. Actually, they had some lunch at Phil’s when they picked me up. We then returned to Santa cruz where Dawn did some more exploring before we returned home.

Kayaking Elkhorn Slough Kayaking Elkhorn Slough 0484
The crew gets ready to float. On the right, a get together on the water.

Kayaking Elkhorn Slough 0489 Kayaking Elkhorn Slough 0492
Beautiful day for the excursion onto the slough.

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