Tuesday: (06/23) Today is my Father’s Day. We always try to avoid the crowds so defer things like Father’s Day Dinners to alternate days. I decided I wanted to go to 99 Bottles Of Beer in Santa Cruz for my dinner and this was the first convenient day to get out of town for it. Of course we made a day of it because it’s miles from home. We walked downtown and the North end of town. I especially examined the San Lorenzo Lumber Company and their garden center. A great selection of succulents. We also drove out through the UC Santa Cruz University campus and found an arboretum we’ll visit another time. We also drove out through Bonney Dune. We’ve never been out that way. ┬áBreakfast was leftovers. Lunch at 99 Bottles Of Beer. Lou and Dawn had hamburgers with German potato salad and sauerkraut and I had a Philly Cheese sandwich with some bacon chowder. Dinner was some soup at the Staff Of Life Market. We finally made it home just before dark. No crowds today.


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