Monday: (06/29) I made breakfast sandwiches to start our day.

I picked up Jessica at 0915 and we headed up to Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve to meet the other Sand Jose Mid-Week Hikers. We hiked 5.73 with a 1031 foot elevation change and an overall climb of 2028 feet. We got a good view of the ocean from the trail after we hiked through a nice redwood forest.

I had a grilled pork and cheese sandwich for lunch.

Purisma Creek Redwoods Hike 439235653 Purisma Creek Redwoods Hike 439236903
Some nice trails and a great hiking group!

Purisma Creek Redwoods OSP Hike 0034 Purisma Creek Redwoods OSP Hike 0036

Purisma Creek Redwoods OSP Hike 0037
Nice ocean and mountain views .

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