Friday: (06/05) I wanted to get out for a walk and also it’s been a while since I visited San Francisco for a walk-about. I had to be here to meet someone picking up a table that Dawn had posted on Freecycle so my departure was delayed. I fixed a nice sausage, home fired potatoes and eggs breakfast. And today was one of our two allowable watering days so I needed to water the yard. Lou and Dawn went to Dawn’s banjo lesson. The lawn watering was a last minute reminder so I finished doing it and then walked down to the train station arriving a moment after the scheduled train arrival. They only run hourly mid-day but fortunately┬áthe train was four minutes late so I was off to SF on the 1043 train. I then caught a SF Muni trolley to market Street. I did my usual walk via the stairs to to Coit Tower for a look around then came down to Columbus Street for my pizza lunch at the Golden Boy pizza shack. Best pizza in San Francisco and beyond. A little more walking and then i caught a bus out to the Golden Gate Bridge for a look. The #30 bus doesn’t go there any more and the transfer took a while to connect. Not really a good viewing day with low clouds, fog and a lot of wind. I then walked some of the trails on the Presidio including part of the Bay Area Ridge trail. I found a campground that sounded interesting until i noted the price, $125 per night per site. Actually I learned it’s not really too bad because all the sites are group sites. I may have to arrange a camp out for my hiking group and explore more of the trail in the park. I exited the Presidio at the 15th Street Gate and walked over to Golden Gate Park. It was dinner time so I tried to find someplace to eat but I wasn’t too hungry but did need something. I didn’t find anything I wanted so I caught a bus back over to Columbus for more pizza for dinner. I did say it was good pizza. I enjoyed a brew as well and watched them making the pizzas from scratch, slicing and mixing everything themselves. When I had lunch at around 1330 there was no crowd, on my dinner visit about 1900 the line was way out the door so I had about a 20 minute wait. I then walked through China Town and had a look at the construction site of the underground connect for Light rail into China Town. I caught the Muni trolley back to the train station and got the 1040 train home walking in the house at midnight. Nice walk-about.

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