Saturday: (06/13) I made a visit to the flea market at Palo Alto High School and bought several succulents I didn’t have and added them to Mount Donald. I also installed a sun fly shade over the patio wit hthe hope it will shade that in the morning. Lou’s been busy installing sun screen sheets to all the windows in the sun room / her craft room. Saturday morning shopping followed by breakfast at A Good Morning Restaurant. Portabello and cheese sandwich for lunch. Baked potatoes, broccoli from our garden with roast beef. Nice weather today in the mid 70′s.

Sunday: (06/14) We all didn’t feel too much like work so we visited various places looking for containers and storage related stuff. Since I was next to an REI store I had to visit it. I picked up some energy beans fr my hike tomorrow. I started cleaning up my shop. Lots of junk and a few good items. I need to organize and thin it out. Granola and yogurt for breakfast. Cecelia and Courtney dropped off some nice baked beans than became our lunch. Pork, sauerkraut and potatoes for dinner.


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