Saturday: (06/27)  I walked over to  L&L Hawaiian BBQ and got my sausage, egg, and cheese English muffin sandwich and a donut for breakfast. I guess I have become so lazy that I visit L&L far too often but do enjoy it. 

I am doing my first hike with a different Meetup hiking group, the Northern California Light Backpacker Group. I joined this group last year when it formed but the group hasn’t done anything until this hike with a new organizer so I wanted to attend. I was one of three members of the group that attended. We actually had seven hikers because the hike was also announced on another meetup group. I’ve wanted to hike in Sunol Regional park for a while but haven’t gotten there yet. The organizer wasn’t too organized, not unexpected for a first event. Most of the hikers seemed to have a limited range. Only two of us hiked a real hike of 6.5 miles out the McCorkle trail. The others only did about 3 miles. I think I even stretched my fellow 6.3 mile hikers legs. He did start the PCT trail this year himself but had to terminate the hike for this year. When He arrived at the parking lot i was immediately envious.  He was driving a diesel crew cab VW transporter synchro truck. That’s a 4×4 VW. Not only that, he has another VW Synchro that is a camper van. Now back to the hike. We were just day hiking. My partner was wearing his backpack but i ws just wearing a day pack. We met several backpackers do a two night hike from Sunol park to Lake Del Valle, about a 28 mile hike. That would be fun for a local overnighter. The forecast temperature was to be 89 degrees but I don’t think it made it that hot because of some cloud cover while we hiked. Lucky us. The park is grassy hills  and mountains with occasional oak trees. We also passed the Little Yosemite area which is an area in a rocky ravine with a nice stream through it. I will be returning to hike here more probably leading hikes with my San Jose hikers. Here is the GPS track.

Sunol Park Hike 0023 Sunol Park Hike  Water Fountain 0024
The VW Synchro on th left, the off the grid drinking fountain on the right.

Sunol Park Hike Calaverous Lake 0028 Sunol Park Hike 0029
Nice grassy hills with occasional oak trees. Most of the trails were old ranch roads.

Sunol Park Hike 0030 Sunol Park Hike 0033

On the way home I stopped for dim sum at King Eggroll. Some egg rolls and shrimp balls  for lunch. They weren’t as good as I remembered they were on my last visit. My new place Dim Sum King is better and cheaper. I relaxed the rest of the day. Garlic spaghetti squash with roast beef and corn on the cob for dinner.

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