Wednesday: (07/22) Lou and Dawn made more peach blintzes for breakfast. I headed off to San Jose on the bus and trolley to a meeting at our local transit agency. They are developing a system of beacons at stations and on vehicles that will be used to provide information to customers. The are sponsoring a hackathon to develop applications to use the beacons. I am at least interested enough in the project to learn more about the beacons. I worked for the agency for 20 years 20 years ago. It was interesting to see the old admin offices. They still look the same. After the meeting, I stopped by the test site at the Great Mall Transit Station. They I devolved into a shopping trip in the mall. I had some Cajun food for a late lunch. I caught the train back to Mountain View and met Lou for a ride home. Sausage and cake for dinner. In the evening I was tinkering on the computer.

Thursday: (07/23) We were busy with appointments today. Lunch was at the Hokkaido Buffet on Saratoga at Stevens Creek in San Jose.

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