Monday: (07/13) Breakfast from L&L Hawaiian as usual. I drove North to meet at El Corta Madera OSP for the hike. We piled into a couple of cars and drove to the other side of the preserve to start our hike. Eight hikers in all, 7.3 miles loop route, 1050 elevation change, 2995 feet overall climb. The hike is upside down hike to the bottom of the mountain then back up. It was a bit warm, enough so that a couple of the fellow hikers that had signed up for my Friday 13 mile hike decided to not go on Friday since it’s longer and is supposed to be warmer. It was actually cold when we started in dripping fog but had gotten quite warm along hr trails. After the hike four of us stopped at Alice’s Restaurant for a real lunch. I had a root beer float followed with a BLTAC (Bacon lettuce tomato avocado and cheese) sandwich. When i got down off the mountain after lunch i stopped at Home Depot and loaded up a bunch of OSB panels and siding panels for my shop and walls for the shower room. I then returned to a cheap gas station i had passed by to get some gas for $3.15 which is 10-35 cents cheaper than any of its neighboring stations and about 80 cents cheaper than our neighbor hood station. I finally got home after 1730. I really didn’t need dinner but did snack on a few things while Lou and Dawn had lamb chops and mashed potatoes for their dinner.

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